Wella Master Color Expert


In a two phase study, professional hair stylists undergo an intense yet rewarding experience known as the Wella Master Color Expert. Located in Los Angeles, this extensive training leaves specialists with the knowledge and finesse to understand and incorporate every clients individual needs.

This, along with a desire to perfect my trade, is why I decided to attend and completed the Master Color Expert Program.


I was interested in learning all that I possibly could about hair and the world surrounding it. Immersing myself in education, I completed training at Bumble and Bumble University, attending every Redken class I could, I have studied the mastery of hair for 15 years.

2 years ago, I was accepted to the Wella Master Color Expert program. Behind this incredible moment was the passion that drives what I do every day; creativity and the willingness for my clients to trust me with their transformation process.


As different reasons drove individuals to complete their training, the program readily promised an expansive set of skills. It’s important to connect not only with the person you’re working with, but the product you’re using as well.

As a business owner, I need to be up to date on all aspects of my business, including what I’m using and sending home to my client. I feel like it gives me an edge up, and I am able to educate them on why and how to maintain their style and color.

The Wella program prepared me for it all. During a two part phase, we went through rigorous training, the first phase involving the chemistry and science behind hair, and how it reacts to the coloring process.

We started by examining the color wheel and finding the perfect balance between what science said would be good for that type of hair versus what the client wanted. It’s the very core knowledge of hair, and I find myself using this approach daily.

Phase 2 was a dive right back into reality, where we used live models to showcase what we had all learned in the five days. It really was the more fashion side of hair. The ability to think on a whim and know how different types of hair react to the overall color and styling application. My favorite test was where we created a storyboard.

We were able to create a look of our choosing from an item. From that item and look we told a story. Mine was created from an animal horn with a more primitive inspiration. It was such a creative and perfecting process. It helped me come out of my shell more as an artist and an individual.

Still to this day I am using what I learned at the Wella program. My time there was amazing, and a unique experience I will take with me wherever I go.