Product Spotlight: Kevin Murphy


Diet trendsetters and Insta-influencers alike have, for years now, been pointing us in the right direction on everything from ab workouts to fab food frenzies we’ve got to try in order to stay healthy. And all of this is great for what we want to put inside our body, but what about the things we put on our body?

Whether you treat yours like a temple or an amusement park, one thing is for certain: A healthy hair care routine should be a standard part of your day. Enter Kevin Murphy, a mega talented hair dresser and bona-fide genius. Focused on a hair care line that was originally formulated for skin, he takes top notch to a whole other level.


Each product is sulfate, paraben, and cruelty free. Chock full of yummy goodness for your hair, you’ll find stellar lines like Angel Wash, Plumping Wash, and the Hydrate Me duo. On top of being great for you, each bottle is made from recycled ocean plastic. Not to mention that every ingredient is ethically sourced. In fact, PETA has recently named Murphy’s line as one of their recommended “Cruelty Free” companies. Looking fabulous AND saving the sea turtles? Get it, gurrl.

The different hair care lines offer any one with an almost personalized wash and rinse option. My favorite is the Angel Hair, which takes those with fine hair and amps up the volume without creating any unnecessary weight. Pairing that with his Body Builder Volumizing Mousse gives my clients incredible results, adding shine and volume but adding bounce and dimension to the style. Styling products such as Free Hold and Young Again are also available and have nothing but rave reviews from my clients.

With the love affair does come a small price to pay, but a little goes a long way. It’s salon quality hair every day, and the knowledge you’re treating it right by giving it the best product you possibly could! Less breakage, less shedding, and overall a better approach to haircare makes Kevin Murphy’s care line a fantastic choice for the health of your hair, and totally worth adding to your hair care routine.